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Wound Up Fork

The Wound Up Fork is a top-of-the-line track fork, it's made of carbon fiber and extends a design. It's first-rate for a person wanting for an innovative and stylish track bike.

Wound Up Fork Walmart

The Wound Up Fork is top-grade for a toss-and-go saddle or for use in a variety of other fork-and-saddle applications, the Fork is manufactured of carbon fiber that is Wound Up and the Fork is conjointly waterfront with 1-18 straight-fork sizes. This Fork is Wound Up and Wound Up Fork 40 mm rake 1-18 straight steerer carbon fiber fixie track, it features a bright red and black finish and is fabricated of high quality carbon fiber. It is a valuable Fork for lovers who ache to show their skills and like to operate their own fork, this one is Wound Up Fork and is a beneficial addition to all bike. If you're wanting for a Fork that is rare Wound Up fodder, you've found it, this Fork is fabricated of carbon road Fork material that is wounded Up with a carbon steerer tube. You'll admire the look and feel of this Fork when you hit the trail, this is an unequaled opportunity to have a carbon road bike that is Wound up. This Fork is one of a kind and is a full 30% heavier than the competition, it is a top-of-the-line invention for people who are wanting for a complete carbon road bike.