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Tange Fork

The Tange Fork is the perfect choice for a new bike builder, this Fork is light and sturdy, perfect for a small bike. The Tange Fork also allows for a wide range of motion, making it perfect for larger bikes, the black color is versatile and looks good anywhere.

Tange Fork Ebay

This Tange Fork is perfect for the chrome style bmx Fork on an 20 wheel, it is made from veteran-quality oval forks and has a Tange logo on the Fork head. This Fork is perfect for those who want to get the best out of their bmx fork, this Fork has a true switchblade style that allows for a much more comfortable and efficient experience with forward motion. It features a thick steel blade that is angled towards the end of the wheel and is that there is plenty of room to work, the Tange switchblade Fork is perfect for those who want to explore the power of wheel travel and have a great time doing it. The vintage Tange Fork is a threaded Fork that is designed for use on road bikes, it is one-inch threading type Fork that is designed to provide better performance and support large action wheels. The Tange Fork is an 26" l platform Fork made of alloy and made of long lasting performance, this Fork is made of and has a purposes-free design. It is threaded for 2 nd and 3 rd-generation processors and has a stecker-lambert guide on the fork's head, the Fork is also have a stecker-dierks guide on the head. The Tange Fork has an infinity lugged straight blade track and a steamed steel Fork body, it is made to provide the best performance and feedback for ksi. Info cafes and other high-end.