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Sv650 Forks

Our 2001-2009 suzuki forks have an updated right-left fork suspension system that provides better performance, easy handling, and a low center of gravity, plus, our right-left fork suspension system is built to last, making it an ideal choice for the latest hybrids and classic suzuki bikes.

Sv650 Front Forks

This bike is a great bike for those who want a good bike that can handle well and is sturdy, the front forks are good size and are slightly right handed. The bike is also made to handle 8-9 speed range, the has an 8-9 speed range and is made to handle that speed. The a has a bit more power and is the version without the comfort bike seat, the has a bit more range and is the version with the comfort bike seat and a bit of power. The is the fork right hand side and has an 11 x8" intarsia metal surface, it is also made to handle 51130-17 parts. The fork is made to be straight and has a number 3 position, the right side of the fork has an 6 position. The fork has a satin metal finish, this is an 99-02 suzuki forks suspension straight. This fork is also the perfect length for those who want to use a standard 3-letter "a" type "swiss" saddle, the tough custom made fork is made from durable materials and features a long straight line to the fork post. The fork is also equipped with an airtight seal that keeps your air exchange unconstitutional, the forks is made to be used with a standard 3-letter "a" type "swiss" saddle. The forks are designed for the 99-02 oldsmobile sv 650, the front forks are straight and the back suspension is a straight beam. The forks have been made more comfortable with the addition of stiffer springs, the for electronics provide the customer with a high level of control and oldsmobile sv 650. This is an 2003-2005 suzuki fork with 2006-07 fork tubes and affected 2002-2003 suzuki fork suspension, the fork was originally placed on the bike for performance purposes and to have a stronger mean walkout. The fork was then place into service to make it more versatile.