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Storz Ceriani 55mm Inverted Fork

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Storz Ceriani 55mm Inverted Fork Amazon

This stem is the 55 mm Inverted Fork stem, it is black in color and gives single disc black forks legs. The stem is meant to be used with a lambert fork, this stem as well compatible with other stem types as well. The 55 mm Inverted Fork is an outstanding way for alternative its features arerats-end moderately priced and work well with all types of vehicles, this 55 mm Inverted Fork extends the highest quality and most advanced technology. It is produced with two-dimensional chrome-coated Fork legs and actuators, the Fork grants a very comfortable and smooth feel. It is again made with chrome-plated tubes and Fork legs, these elements work together to create a high-quality and durable fork. The 55 mm Inverted Fork is a top-of-the-heap way for lovers scouring for an Inverted fork, it grants a black finish and loses its in the process. It extends piercing cuts that will show off the fork's design, the fork's legs are equipped with a series of tubes, each of which is equipped with a harley davidson pizza oven searching grill.