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Shaft Mounted Forklift Forks

This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a fast, efficient, and affordable Forklift for work or school, this Forklift is equipped with Shaft Mounted Forklift forks for ground transportation and work. It has an 1, 75 inch wide x 6 inch wide x 48 inch fork that is perfect for either heavy or long tasks. The fork is also 1, 60 inch wide x 6 inch wide x 48 inch long and can handle up to 25. 50 pounds.

Shaft Mounted Forks

This is a shaft-mounted Forklift fork set that is for the 27-12 drop type of forklift, it includes a fork and for case. This is a Shaft mount Forklift forking which has an 9 x6 x2, 5 diameter. It is perfect for moving heavy objects, the new 1. 75" x 7" x 48" x 25" x 3" 18" 2, 18" 2. 18" 3, ectorized" is perfect for for or for Mounted ladders. It offers great convenience for those with several work tasks, the new Shaft fork's fork is easy to remove and in-place again, making it a great choice for today's work environment. The shaft-mounted Forklift forks are the perfect solution for your next project, they are easy to use and can be tailored to your needs, making it a more efficient and successful project.