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Oneida Louisiana Cocktail Forks

The Oneida community Cocktail fork is a great fork for seafood lovers, it is sure to get them started in with seafood. The 6-inch long fork has a soft-grip rubber surface that makes it easy to move the fork around, the new never used fork is in great condition and is easy to clean.

Oneida Louisiana Cocktail Forks Amazon

This fun and unique Oneida Cocktail fork is perfect for fun state united states of america drinks like or the sleek black design with white anodized aluminum is a perfect addition to any set home or bar, this is a great new never used Cocktail fork from louisiana. It's 6" long, and it's made of brass, it's terracotta color and has a black premium-quality handle. This fork is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a seafood dinner with ease, this is a great Cocktail fork. It has a beautiful Louisiana design and is made of heavy duty materials, it is a great addition to any kitchen. This is a great Cocktail fork for seafood lovers as it has a new never used configuration, the fork is made of stainless steel and has everything. It is also seasoned with salt and pepper and has a dedicated place for picking seafood, this Cocktail fork is a great choice for those who love to cook.