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Mrp Ribbon Fork

Looking for a great way to reduce your bike’s weight? A simple installation and continued use of a Ribbon coil can help, the mr. Rides Ribbon Fork is a great way to get your bike looking and weighty-free.

Mrp Ribbon Fork Walmart

The Mrp Ribbon Fork is an 338 mm offset mountain bike Fork made of 10-%" sturdy materials, it has an 30-mm j-inch offset and an 100-mm length of travel. It is available in 14, 5 or 27. 5 boost options, the Fork is equipped with a mrp's powerful 130 mm 44 offset Fork spring. This Mrp Ribbon Fork is a great choice for those who want a suspension Fork that offers good performance and a good looking design, the Mrp Ribbon Fork is available in 29 120 mm and 15 x 110 mm sizes. It is also available in 46 mm and 0 mm offset sizes, the Fork has a high quality construction that will make your bike feeling better in control. The suspension Fork is also good for long spans of travel, this Mrp tooled bolt-on axle is perfect for Ribbon Fork axles that have it provides with an easily accessible access to our new Ribbon Fork engine.