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Lisle Pickle Fork Set

This Lisle Pickle Fork Set is perfect for those who want the perfect tools for their automotive drivers, this Set includes an 6-in-1 Lisle toolode-41400 and all you need to get the job done. With tools that can handle any type of vegetable or meat-based dish, this Set is perfect for the everyday cook or the car wash.

Lisle Stepped Pickle Fork Kit

This Lisle step Pickle Fork Set comes with a thick Pickle fork, it is perfect for staking pickles or over easy bread. The Fork also has a built-in knife block to stop you from being in trouble with your teeth, the heavy-duty tool Set is designed for use in the car industry. It includes a Set and a sharpener, the Lisle 41500 Pickle Fork Set is a great way to increase your fishing possibilities. This Set includes a ball jointed tie rod and a handle, the Set also includes a Pickle Fork kit and a ball jointed Fork kit. This Lisle kit includes a ball joint and tie rod, it also includes a Pickle Fork and its associated tool. The Pickle Fork is designed to Pickle ingredients together, so it is perfect for stirring up a pot of sauce, the kit also includes a bowl and a bottle of soap.