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Hair Fork

Looking for an unique and beautiful way to addition some character to your Hair products? Look no further than the Hair fork! This unique tool was originally designed to access and remove Hair from a Hair loop, we love the vintage feel that this has and it can be easily customized for your own specific needs. Plus, the chinese Hair sticks and hairpin make it a little more.

How To Use Hair Fork

This tutorial will show you how to use Hair Fork sticks and french hairpins to brush your Hair and undo a knot in your Hair at the same time, this is an unique and colorful u shaped Hair fork. It is made of aluminum and has a silver conical spiral Hair stick fork, it is waterproof and also has a long lasting strength. This is an 4-piece Hair Fork that will help to keep thin Hair in place, it has a stylish design and is made of metal for durability. The Fork sticks well to thin Hair and can be used for a variety of tasks, this is a simple Hair Fork bun with brass Hair stuck to the top. The shawl pin is small and makes a small hole in the top.