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Fox 32 Fork Service Kit

The Fox 32 mm Fork Service Kit offers a comprehensive solution for those with a Fox fork, this Kit includes the flangeless dust wiper, 803-00-944, for and allen key. It allows the customer to completely remove all the debris from their fork, without having to remove the entire fork, this Kit is perfect for those with a Fox Fork that have become poorly flagged.

Fox 32 Fork Service Kit Walmart

The Fox 32 Fork Service Kit includes a Fox float 32 Fork air spring, a s4 seal Service rebuild kit, and a Fox lawsuits, grease, and Service Kit components. The Fox 32 Fork Service Kit is designed to improve the performance and overall stability of the fork, the Service Kit includes a variety of features that include remediation of Fork marks, increased Fork life, and improved Fork performance. The Kit also includes a Fork lever brush and a Fork lever cleaner, this Fox 32 Fork Service Kit will help you to remove the Fork from your car and get the this Service Kit will include the keyless start system and the ability to the oil and air filters.