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Fork Lift

If you're searching for a heavy-duty forklift that can handle any job, don't look anywhere than the forklift 6000, with an appearance that is influenced by traditional rural forklifts, this Lift is sure to give your business the look of needing more work than you do. With an easy-to-use control wheel, this forklift is further sure to be a hit with customers, the forklift 6000 is sure to get the job done, and is definitely a worth the price for your needs.

Used Fork Lift

The jcb 506 c for is an enticing tool for moving heavy objects, it is facile to operate and can be made to reach high-sided objects easily. The Lift can be turned on the go to move heavy objects quickly and easily, the baker electric forklift is a versatile and powerful forklift that is sterling for any job that requires the use of Fork lifts. This forklift can handle any work quickly and easily, this electric Fork Lift features a comfortable and stable ride. It extends an 6000 lb cushion on the Fork that can handle large loads, the side shift function and auxiliary hydraulic systems make it a top alternative for the most difficult tasks. Fork trucks af Fork truck 4000 lb boom truck propane Fork truck 1800 lb.