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Dirt Jump Rigid Forks

Looking for a black label bmx fork? Look no further than the mirra this 1 18 threadless fork is terrific for somebody searching for a Rigid fork.

Rigid Dirt Jump Fork

The Rigid Dirt Jump fork is an enticing fork for individuals digging to jumpstart their bmx bike, this fork features a black label with 20" Dirt Jump spindles throughout the bike. The mirra fork is prime for people wanting for a hardening process of Dirt Jump riding, the Dirt jumper is a Rigid fork that is designed for bmx racing. It gives an 20 inch length of life and is manufactured of black label bmx fork material, it offers a black label bmx fork 20 inch Dirt Jump 1 18 the Dirt Jump is a new type of fork that uses Rigid forks to create a force increase over traditional forks. The black label bmx fork is 20" long, offers a threadless mirra material and is black, it is available in 18" and 24" threadless sizes. The Dirt jump's black label is an unequaled substitute to identify this type of fork, the fork materials and presents a top-grade black label. It is important to note that these forks are not just Dirt Jump forks, but are made with an 20"x18”x1" mirra cr-o-m-o-n.