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Bike Fork Extender

Looking to extend the life of your Bike handlebar fork? Sris is a great option! Has a high-quality up adjustable adapter head that can add up to 20% of the time it needs to be replaced, for a total cost of only $0, this great option is available on for ksi. Info store.

Handlebar Riser Head Up Adapter for Mountain Bicycle MTB Bike Fork Stem Extender
Bike Stem Extender Riser Bicycle Handlebar Stem Riser 1-1/8 inches Fork Silver

Bike Stem Extender Riser Bicycle

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MTB Bike Handlebar Fork Stem Extender Bicycle Extension Head Up Riser Adapter

Fork Stem Extender

This Fork stem Extender is perfect for those who are looking for an accessory Fork stem extender, this is a great choice for those who want to wear their Bike while mountain biking. The Extender will add some extra length to your Fork and will help to keep your Fork in good condition, this Bike Fork Extender is for the mountain Bike handlebar front Fork stem. It is extensible for ease of use from the handlebar and provides a small, but effective way to keep the handlebar area free of blisters and other mountain bike-related issues, this adaptor helps keep your Bike Fork in place and preventing it from slipping up and down your mountain Bike route. It is an ideal addition for those looking to increase the stability of their Bike frame, the k8 n2 Bike Fork Extender is designed to extend the life of your Bike Fork by up to 50% when used with the standard handlebar stem. Made from sturdy, lightweight materials, this Extender is easy to use and fits most bikes.