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Beach Cruiser Suspension Fork

This alloy Fork is a great option for those that need a Fork with a threaded chrome caliper brake, the Fork is made of 26 steel and has a black anodized aluminum look to it. This Fork is also compatible with the Beach Cruiser style bike.

Cruiser Bike Suspension Fork

The 24 classic spring Fork is a great Fork for a Cruiser bike, it has a strong and durable feel that will not let you down. It is easy to adjust for you and makes it easy to handle the bike, this is a great Fork for a Cruiser bike. It is original and is threaded black caliper, it is brake Beach Cruiser quality. It has a great look and feel to it, this Fork is perfect for a bike like this. This is a great value for your money! The Beach Cruiser Fork is for use on 24 beached cyclists and is made of heavy-duty materials to last, it has a comfortable design and is made of sturdy materials. The gold square springer forks have got the perfect big structural supporter against which the bike can move with ease, this gives a sturdy and long lasting bike. The forks are also associated with a strong and vigilant braid of barbs, becoming an iconic part of road cycling.