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Backhoe Forks

This Backhoe fork tractor is practical for any store that needs a powerful loader to clear away debris from a shift or grading area, with an 43, 500 pallet capacity, this loader is dandy for a store that needs a powerful and a-z about graded material.

Fork Attachments

This is a keyless remote control fork that is available as an 2000 lb or 4000 lb option, the fork can be attached to the skid steer loader using a clamps or using the included bucket to load with objects. The fork can also be used as a bucket clamped to the skid steer loader, helping to keep the loader moving, this is an used Backhoe fork from the 2000 lb tractor pallet fork series. This fork is on an 43 60 bucket clamps, it is enticing for a Backhoe skid steer loader. This is an used fork for an 1500 lb4000 lb tractor pallet for the skid steer loader, it's in top-of-the-line condition and measures 14" by 4360". The top of the fork grants a digital readout system and a clamps system to keep the bucket tight against the surface, the fork also offers a yellowed surface to help it map perfectly onto the yellowed surface of the loader. These pallet fork types are peerless for use with your ls tractor, they are facile to connect and disconnect from the fork arms, making it straightforward to get from one inch field to the next.