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Artillian Forks

Forks are top-of-the-line alternative to reduce your commute to work, they're adjustable to suit a variety of angles and can be extended or reduced to suit a variety of deere models. They're also quick-hitch compatible with the john deere quick hitch.

Artillian Pallet Forks

The pallet fork adapter is a top-notch substitute to reduce your labor costs and allow you to connect your pallet forks to your deere models, the adapter renders an adjustable solid link that allows you to steer the fork of the pallet fork by feel. The fork also imparts a quick hitch that keeps the fork in the correct position while pulling a pull-up, the pallet fork adapter makes an exceptional addition to your farm, and can also be used on farms with a connector. The fork adapters are set of adjustable solid link fork adapters that can be used in a variety of deere models, the fork adapters allow for uncomplicated relocation of fork components and accessories. The fork adapters also allow for uncomplicated catchers and lures, the forks have an adjustable solid link system which allows you to change the length of the fork chain to tailor your specific deere model. The quick hitch adapter helps to keep the fork chain on the pallet fork adapter perfectly in sync with the chain on your computer, the forks are adjustable to tailor a variety relation to our quick hitch. This allows you to fork adapters to your specific deere model.