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72 Inch Pallet Forks

This is a great choice for a caterer, agricultural or commercial organization, or a small business, this Pallet fork extension is for the 72 Inch length of forklift extensions. It increases the length of the forklift fork able to move together into a forklift loader, this increases the efficiency of the movement of the team and also prevents getting down on all of them to move the forklift.

Best 72 Inch Pallet Forks

This is an 72 Inch Pallet fork lift, it is for the forklift extension. It is made of heavy-duty materials to satisfy the most demanding consumers, it comes with an 60-inch reach handle and the 84-inch reach handle. The forklift extension is for the modern farmer, it is a great addition to the farm. This is a list of the longest Pallet fork extensions and loaders that can be adapted to an 72 Inch cultivar fork, the list is arranged by length, in terms of width (in inches), from top to bottom. This is a great item for a forklift or loader that needs an addition on the length of the fork, the Pallet fork extensions are great way to increase the length of the forklift or loader. This is Inch Pallet fork extension, this is a Pallet fork extension that is for the forklift. It is for the 60, 72, 84, 96, it allows for the feeding of forklift loads up to 72 inches in tall order.