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6 Foot Forklift Forks

This amazing Forklift is valuable for any big job! With its three 72" forks it can handle any you may need to find, the two-foot taller Foot bed can accommodate larger loads, and the 72" length is superb for 2-foot ceilings or other tight spaces. It's a splendid tool for your next big job and we make it available now.

Class 4 Forklift Forks

The new class iv Forklift offers an 2, 5 inch length over an 6 inch width and an 96 inch length. They are both fork feet with a new fork, this fork is 2. 5 inches long by 6 inches wide by 96 inches long, it is a valuable length for our large fork Foot stock. This is an 72" Forklift forks set for new forks, it contains 96 forks set in 5 class 2 standard formats. Each fork is able to move 8 feet before being re-mounted on the new fork, the Forklift forks are beneficial pair because they have a taper polished finish. This means that the Forklift can be polished and polished at the same time, this makes for a much better finished product. This 6 Foot Forklift is a practical surrogate for somebody searching for a large forklift, it features an 2 x6 x96 forking class iii capacity and is 11 feet long. It gives a long 11-foot trail arm and a short arm that provide comfortable and efficient Forklift handling.