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256 Hz Tuning Fork

Our 256 Hz Tuning Fork is a medical-grade Fork that imparts been designed to work with your amt (angle of mounting steel) to provide you with a top Tuning Fork sound, this Fork as well non-magnetic and imparts adjustable weights to give you a top-of-the-heap tune-up.

256 C Tuning Fork

This 256 c Tuning Fork is exceptional for music healing diagnostics and is free shipping, the healing Fork Tuning Fork set is top-of-the-heap for individuals searching for a Tuning Fork that can go up to 128 hz. The Tuning Fork set also includes a body that can be used for other healing tasks such as zen writing and focus development, this is a how-to on how to tune an 256 Hz Tuning Fork set. This how-to is for someone who is having a medical condition where they can't see the sky, we are trying to help those who need this help. The 256 Hz Tuning Fork set can help those with chronic or long-term conditions such as cancer, wheelchair access, and other medical conditions, the Fork set can be used them to access the sky and improve their health. We're excited to offer our 256 Hz Tuning Fork instrument with fixed weights, this instrument can be used to measure medical-grade Tuning Fork accuracy and confidence. The Fork is fabricated from medical-grade materials and is a good value for the dollar you spend.